The 2008 South Pacific Star Party - 4-6 Apr 08

From Wiruna, New South Wales.




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NGC 3324 in Ha (15 minutes) FSQ106@f5/ST10XME

Omega Centauri RGB
(15:15:15 Minutes)




  "I need to reconfigure the USB
    ports again'll be 
   right, no worries...blah, blah"
   Wayne with his HEQ6 Pro and
  A great tool for an Astrofest 
          ....thanks Peter!

"I think I got a good polar alignment Pete"


Martin configures the FSQ106

  There were plenty of fine homemade telescopes at SPSP
          All ready to go         
       Wayne snaps the 1500
                   to Miami.

Astrophotography competion (See Australian Sky and Telescope Jul/Aug 2008 Edition for a full report)


           Winner 'Galaxies'


The Running Chicken Nebula (Narrowband)

Winner 'Nebula' Category and SPSP People's Choice

NGC 1365
Second Place 'Galaxies'



 NGC 6188 in Ara Mosaic
    Joint Runner Up - 'Widefield'


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