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The Wizard Nebula (NGC 7380)

About this image.

What powers are being wielded in the Wizard Nebula? Gravitation strong enough to form stars, and stellar winds and radiations powerful enough to create and dissolve towers of gas. Located only 8,000 light years away, the Wizard nebula surrounds developing open star cluster NGC 7380. Visually, the interplay of stars, gas, and dust has created a shape that appears to some like a fictional medieval sorcerer. The active star forming region spans 100 about light years, making it appear larger than the angular extent of the Moon. The Wizard Nebula can be located with a small telescope toward the constellation of the King of Aethiopia (Cepheus). Although the nebula may last only a few million years, some of the stars being formed may outlive our Sun.

Text courtest: NASA APOD




Telescope:                 Planewave 17" CDK f6.8
Mount:                      Paramount ME by Software Bisque
Instrument:               Apogee U16M, Astrodon Filters (Ha-5nm; SII-5nm; OIII-3nm)

Exposure:                  Ha: 10.5hrs, SII: 9hrs  OIII: 15hrs
Capture Software:       Maxim DL, CCDAutopilot
Processing:                Maxim DL/CCD, Photoshop CS, CCDStack, PixInsight


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