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BD+40◦4124 star forming region


About this image.

Named after the principal young stellar object in the central cluster, this is a strange arc shaped nebula with three major YSO's, V1318 Cygni, V1685 Cygni and V1686 Cygni. Also at the centre is a small white reflection nebula. This very obscure object floats in a large sea of Ha nebulosity.






Telescope:                 Planewave 17" CDK f6.8
Mount:                      Paramount ME by Software Bisque
Instrument:               Apogee U16M, Astrodon Filters (Ha-5nm; OIII-3nm)

Exposure:                  HaLRGB: 7:1:1:1hrs
Capture Software:       Maxim DL, CCDAutopilot
Processing:                Maxim DL/CCD, Photoshop CS, CCDStack, PixInsight


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