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NGC 1365 and Supernova SN2012fr

APOD 20 Aug 2010

About this image.

NGC1365 is a giant Seyfert type galaxy in Fornax with a diameter of 200,000 light years. It is arguably the most prominent barred spiral in the sky. The bar rotates clockwise with velocities in the nucleus of 2000 km/sec resulting in one rotation in 350 million years. The knots seen along the bar are areas of intense star formation which occurs because the bar funnels material into this area to trigger star formation. It is thought that the nucleus contains a super massive black hole among the dust lanes visible in the image.

The image on the right contains SN2012fr, discovered on 27 Oct 2012.




Telescope:                 12.5" Ritchey Chretien by RC Optical Systems
Mount:                      Paramount ME by Software Bisque
Instrument:               STL11000M CCD Camera by SBIG with AO-L

Exposure:                  Lum 12 hours RGB 210:210:210 
Capture Software:       CCDSoft & CCDAutopilot 3 
Processing:                Maxim DL, CCDStack, Photoshop CS2 


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